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                Reel Fish Days 2023



If you have any additional questions regarding this event, please feel free to 

              contact John Webber at (541) 247-7605 , fax (541)247-2321

                            or mobile (503)798-2083. Thanks everyone.

Reel Fish Days Schedule

April 18th Kalmiopsis School (Brookings) 2 Classes

April 20th Kalmiopsis School (Brookings) 2 Classes

April 25th Riley Creek (Glod Beach) / Driftwood (Port Orford) / Homeschool / Brookings Christian School

April 27th Kalmiopsis School (Brookings) 2 Classes

Tenative Daily Schedule

9:00-9:10 Arrive/Intro/Safety (times may vary a bit daily)

9:10-9:20 Split into Groups and Rubber boot UP!

9:25-11:15 Session 1 (see below) 1 hr 50 min

11:15-11:45 Lunch

11:45-1:35 Session 2 (see below) 1 hr 50 min

1:40-1:50 Rubber boots OFF

1:50-2:00 Wrap up/Depart

Each session will include the following activities:

Hike to Fork, Tree Care, Line Tying, Casting, Real Fishing!

Session 1:

Group A (25-30 students divided into 2 groups)

9:25-10:20 Hike/Tree Planting

10:20 Switch

10:25-11:15 Hike/Tree Planting

Group B Students organized by ODFW/Angler volunteers

9:25-11:15 Reel Fish!

Session 2:

Group A Students organized by ODFW/Angler volunteers)

11:45-1:35 Reel Fish!

Group B

11:45-12:40 Hike/Tree TLC

12:40 Switch

12:45-1:35 Hike/Tree TLC

OPRD leads Hike to Fork

Curry Watersheds leads Tree TLC

ODFW/volunteers lead line tying/casting/fishing/cleaning