Oregon South Coast Fishermen.

Working since 1975 to enhance Habitat, Hatcheries, and Harvest through education and community involvement

 Oregon South Coast Fishermen

Since 1975 our organization has accomplished all of the following items, and more, with your help and support. By renewing your membership, you can help make 2019 the best year ever for Oregon South Coast Fishermen and our fishery resources.

Education and Outreach 

Many of our members are certified as Angler Education Instructors through the State of Oregon. This enables OSCF to sponsor and provide angling instruction to local youth and the community.

There are many education outreach programs but "Reel Fishing Days" is the keystone of our youth education program. In cooperation with local schools along with schools from outside the area, hundreds of students are fortunate enough to attend the Angler and Riparian Zone education program.

This unique and widely acclaimed program is made possible thru the combined effort of the OSCF, Curry Anadromous Fishermen along with local businesses

*Team with the Kaspers program to provide fishing skills instruction to 40 twelve year old students.

*Hosts an annual Azalea Festival kids fishing derby.  Fishing rods given out to participating kids in the last few years, with 1000's being provided since the program began.

*Provided fishing equipment to the Curry Anadromous Fisherman Free fishing day derby at Libby Pond every year and assisted with volunteer help.

*Partners with Azalea Middle School at Jack Creek an "Adopt-a -Stream" project , Watershed Council and ODFW.

Fish and Habitat Monitoring

Assisting ODFW with Chetco River estuary smolt sampling

Team up with a local land owner and ODFW to install and operate the Winchuck River screw trap.

Assists ODFW with the Chetco River salmon carcus scale collection project. OSCF personnel along with local area guides supply resources and equipment every year to help collect scale samples for the departments analysis.

Habitat Restoration

*Helps the Kalmiopsis School students remove blackberries and plant willow shoots at Jack Creek

*Facilitates entry to the Ice Box river access along with monitoring and maintenance of the area.