Oregon South Coast Fishermen.

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Oregon South Coast Fishermen Members catches.

Send in your pictures of catches you've had, your biggest fish, your first of a species, or just plain 'mad' pic's.

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To Start off, even your club president gets time to fish sometimes.

16lb Chinock             Tony & Kev get a Rogue limit.         18lb Chinock              18+lb Steelhead

Pam Hobbs, her very first salmon. Two almost identical fin-clipped Coho of 6lb.
Clarence Benjamin & 'friend'
Wayne Barkers almost deep frozen Chetco 'metalhead'
Ray Brouette & some fine fish.

Rich Heap.
Steve Pringle.

Bob Crouch.

Even though John Weber is not a member, he is our STEP biologist & he can catch fish.....
Ron Sloniker.
Cliff  Cruickshank.
John Foht with 39lb King.
Don Jaynes with a lovely 52lb Chinock caught just outside of the mouth of the Chetco & a 110lbs Halibut caught of Charleston Oregon.
Dave & Irene Brooks with a 35.5lb Chinock, Dave with one he's not saying how big & Dave & Irene again with I believe Irene's biggest Chinock to date a 40.8lb Chinock & a much smaller 9.6lb Chinock