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We all use knots when we fish. No matter if your drift boat fishing, plunking, surf fishing, dragging iron or Ocean boat fishing. We all use knots. Do you use the right knot for what you are doing, the right knot for the type of line your using?

There is a huge debate about which is, or is not, the right way to join two lines together. Attach swivels, put on a lure, or just get a hook on the end of your line. I'm not going in to that discussion here, what I am going to do is put in some links below for you to see how to tie different types of knots to hopefully keep you attached to the next big fish you catch.

Tight Lines....

Here is the first link. It contains many different types of knots. Click on the 'Fishing Knot' link, or browse the many & varied different types of knots there are. Boaters may like the 'Boating' link & for those long wet, dreary Oregon winter day's & nights, why not try some decorative knot tying!

Animated Knots by Grog.

The mysterious Egg-Loop, worry no more, go here to follow by picture, or video how to tie the Egg-Loop.

Egg-Loop knot & other knots by Bob's piscatorial Pursuits.

Here is a small excerpt from the next link for knots.

The average angler needs perhaps no more than three or four basic fishing knots, but these knots relate directly to his mode of fishing. The game fisherman need have little interest in the knots used by the trout fisherman, who, in turn, uses knots that are not necessarily suitable for the bream fisherman.

I suggest that you select only those few knots that are of the greatest use to you, and practise, practise, practise tying them until they become second nature to you. It is most important that you use knots that can be tied in an easily remembered manner. You'll be astonished how a few hours practice with a knot will make for perfection.

So, with those words of wisdom I give you over to. 

Over 30 fishing knots to learn, from Fintalk.

What knots are really Strong? North American Fisherman has been testing out different kinds of knot's & lines to see what is the strongest knot.

North American Fishermen presents Knot Wars

This is a bonus one for all those who are not sure about plunking, or just did not know who to ask.

Basic Plunking 101