Oregon South Coast Fishermen.

Members Fishing the Wild Rivers Coast since 1975.


Wed. 8/15 6:00 PM Club Meeting

Winchuck River Screw Trap Monitoring

Wed. 9/19 6:00 PM Club Meeting

Remove Winchuck River Screw Trap

Install Ferry Creek Net Pen

Prepare for Salmon Snout Recovery Program

Wed. 10/17 6:00 PM Club Meeting

Ferry Creek Smolt Arrival - feeding schedule for 4 weeks

                                          - release 40,000 smolts into Chetco River

Salmon Broadstock Collection AKA: Salmon Rodeo


Wed. 11/21 6:00 PM Club Meeting

Continue Salmon Broadstock Collection

Monitor the Salmon Snout Recovery

Remove and Store Ferry Creek Net Pen

Wed. 12/12 6:00 PM Club Meeting

Salmon Carcass Scale Collection Begins

Christmas Party Saturday Dec. 15

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