Oregon South Coast Fishermen.

Members Fishing the Wild Rivers Coast since 1975.

2018 Preview and Preliminary Schedule

January: club meeting Jan. 17
-steelhead broodstock collection
-continue salmon scale sampling

February: club meeting Feb. 21
-continue steelhead broodstock collection
-participate in the Rowdie Creek Derby Shuttle

March: club meeting March 21
-Arizona pond prep for Reel Fish Days in April
- begin Eggs To Fry Program in Brookings 3rd grade

April: club meeting April 18
-Reel Fish Days at Arizona Pond 4 to 5 days
-Brookings Harbor Fish Cleaning Station Revitalization Project.
May: club meeting May 16
-Azalea Festival- Memorial Weekend
     -Kids Fish Ponds
     -Parade and OSCF float

June: club meeting June 20
-Chetco estuary seining begins
-setup Winchuck River screw trap
-begin monitoring trap (10 weeks)

July: club meeting July 18
-Chetco estuary seining
-monitor screw trap

August: club meeting Aug 15
-monitor screw trap

September: club meeting Sept. 19
-remove and store Winchuck River screw trap
-setup Ferry Creek Net Pen
-prepare for salmon snout recovery program

October: club meeting Oct. 17
-Ferry Creek Smolt Arrive 
-feeding schedule for 4 weeks
-release of approximately 40,000 smolt into Chetco River
-salmon broodstock collection begins AKA: Salmon Rodeo

November: club meeting Nov. 21
-continue salmon broodstock collection
-monitor the salmon snout recovery
-take down and store Ferry Creek net pen

-Salmon carcass scale collection begins
-Christmas Party Saturday Dec. 15